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Why we do it

Here are some of the reasons we love what we do.


All of the team at Rammed Earth Solutions share a passion for respecting the environment and working with nature to create beautiful and functional houses which are environmentally conscious. This is one of the core values underpinning the work that we do. This is reflected in the work that we do by designing buildings with facilities that work with the environment. Installing solar panels and solar water heaters, biogas, water collection and water purification systems are all good examples of how we do this. One of the great things about constructing buildings from rammed earth is that in most cases, soil at the site can be used in construction, which eliminates the need for transporting materials and the associated pollution, which is another aspect of Rammed Earth Solutions that we are proud of,


We believe that being sustainable is an important part of being an eco-friendly company, and is another important aspect of the work we do. We love working with bamboo, as due it's fast growing nature it is one of the most sustainable, natural products on the planet. As much as possible where other building materials are used, we try and use recycled or unwanted products, e.g. timber and sawdust.

Health benefits:

Here at Rammed Earth Solutions, we see a number of health benefits from constructing buildings out of rammed earth in an environmentally conscious way. Primarily, there are health benefits for everyone in the world by not creating significantly less pollution than modern (concrete) building techniques. There are also the individual health benefits for the people living in these buildings - the strong thermal properties inherent in the designs reduce the risk of arthritis for older people due to the inside of the building being warmer, and good temperature regulation reduces exposure to extremes of temperatures.


We hope that by introducing people to this method of building, it will become increasingly popular. In a world of dwindling resources and increasing populations, we think it is important that people become aware of sustainable and environmentally conscious alternatives to modern building techniques, and we think one of the best ways of doing this is to show people how it's done! As Nepal faces an enormous challenge to rehouse half a million households, we will do our bit by sharing what we know as widely as possible.


In most cases soil can be taken from the building site, thus reducing transport costs and removing associated carbon footprint.

Great thermal properties: cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

Roof and a large part of the upper floor is constructed from bamboo, one of the most sustainable products on the planet due to it's rapid growth rate.

Timber used in the upper floors is, as much as possible, from recycled sources.

Our designs can include a biogas tank, rain water collection systems, purification of 'grey' water from showers and sinks to be used again, beekeeping solutions and permaculture gardens.

Earthquake protection?

Bamboo roofing is lightweight, flexible and is designed to allow some movement during an earthquake, which reduces the risk of it breaking. Our bamboo roof structures survived the 7.8 richter scale quake on 25 April 2015 unscathed. The roof moved freely but showed no signs of damage afterwards.

One steel rod is embedded into the wall on either side of each door and window, providing structural support and adding to the safety of taking cover under doorframes.

Plastic mesh embedded into the wall provides horizontal binding support.

Further information?

Please read these articles written about us for more information, or feel free to contact us.   (This is an audio file in Nepali)