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Meet the Team

The team at Rammed Earth Solutions draw on a variety of skills and backgrounds, linked together by our passion for and belief in the benefits of sustainable, eco-friendly and environmentally conscious buildings.


Narayan Acharya, Managing Director:   Narayan's passion is what has led us to forming this company, and his vision and drive to see environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings become  more common is a constant source of motivation for us all.

Narayan has over 3 years experience of project managing sustainable building projects, including the construction of the first eco-friendly rammed earth and bamboo home in Nepal. Other projects have included an eco playhouse and walled garden at The British School in Kathmandu, application of rammed earth in-fill walls in a pillar system home in Baisepati, Kathmandu,  and making small cottages and insulating livestock sheds for better animal husbandry. Narayan has also given training about rammed earth, including training to 25-30 architects at the ICIMOD climate change exhibition in Kathmandu (April 2014) and training to UN Habitat employees and Nepali architects and engineers (March 2014). Narayan has also given demonstrations of rammed earth techniques, for example at the Kopila Home in Surkhet and Lalitpur Engineering College

Some of Narayan's other professional experience includes coordinating research on agroforestry and beekeeping in Jumla, Nepal for 2 years, whilst also producing his own honey for the last 15years and doing grassroots development work in the area for around 10years Narayan has worked as a co-worker for UN volunteers for 5years, as well as  working in the UK, Austria, Somaliland, India, Kenya, Zanzibar and Ethiopia. Narayan's range of experience and working environments have provided him with wide-ranging knowledge and skills, much of which is drawn on by the team at Rammed Earth Solutions.

Narayan says "When I began learning about rammed earth, my focus was on providing a healthy future for my family, using local materials whilst being as sustainable as possible and respecting the environment. Everyday I see brick factories producing smoke around Kathmandu valley, this does  a lot of damage through pollution. People use too many resources and don't recycle things, and this is something I would like to help change."


Sudarshan Kumar Lakhe, Civil Engineer: Sudarshan is a qualified civil engineer who has done 6months work for Rammed Earth Solutions and looks forward to working with us more in the future. Sudarshan's deals with the engineering side of the projects, from working out how much materials are required to ensuring that the completed structure will be stable! His interest in eco-friendly buildings is not just limited to rammed earth, he is currently involved in a large project which is designed as per principles of Green Building.


Santosh Shrestha, Project Manager: Santosh knows everything there is to know about rammed earth, his experience and skill-sets have proved invaluable in starting this company. Santosh is a friendly guy and very much enjoys and believes in the work he is doing the work he is doing.

Santosh's began working with in construction in 2008 for Nepal Aadarsha Nirman, and then in 2010 he spent 2 years working on the construction of Hemandra Borhora's rammed earth home, completing all of the work from foundations to roof! Since then, Santosh has worked with Narayan on all of the projects and trainings listed above, of particular note is the house they built together for Narayan, Dr Naomi and their family, and together they make a very good team who are at the heart of Rammed Earth Solutions.

Santosh says: “Rammed earth is a natural building process which is good for the environment. After working in modern construction, I felt I wanted to be involved with something more sustainable, so that future generations will benefit.”


Rammed Earth Team: For the last 4 years, we have been training up a team of people from Jumla and Bardia, Western Nepal, to construct these buildings. As rammed earth building is not a well-known technique, we are happy to say we have an excellently trained team to support us in our projects. They also do carpentry (including our bamboo work), cement mixing, stone-work and our a vital part of our team.


Dr Naomi Saville, currently Senior Research Associate at University College London Institute for Global Health, as well as Technical Advisor for Natural Resource Management and Beekeeping to Rammed Earth Solutions. Naomi did her PhD in ecology at Cambridge University in the UK and came to Nepal shortly afterwards in 1995. Noami and Narayan have been married for 13years. Naomi has been working mostly in Nepal for the last 20years. Naomi's main work in Nepal currently is in maternal and child health, however she previously spent 12years working on beekeeping and natural resource projects in Nepal, Trinidad & Tobago, Sierra Leone  and Somaliland. This experience and her knowledge of Nepal make her a great technical advisor to Rammed Earth Solutions.  


Anirudra Nath Sukla, Beekeeping Specialist. Ani has worked for 3 years with the Nepali Government and 2 years with SNV, and for 25 years with ICIMOD. Ani's role in the team is to help support with beekeeping projects, which we offer along with rammed earth buildings to create a more sustainable, complete building solution. He will help look after bee colonies, ensure pollination and of course help with honey production!


Sanjay Shrestha, Electrician. Sanjay began working with rammed earth during the construction of Hemandra Borhora's house in 2010, and then worked with us on our pilot project, building Dr Naomi's and Narayan's house. Sanjay is a qualified electrician who has also spent one year working in Qatar.

Sanjay said he enjoyed not just the work, but learning about a new building technique, and looks forward to being part of the team in the future. He is currently also employed for a solar power company as an electrician.


Julian Scott-Bolton, Consultant. Julian helped with the designs for the pilot project. Now based in the UK, his knowledge and expertise are a valuable asset to the team, and he consults for us as a technical advisor.


Kyle Mohamed, Admin. From the UK, Kyle has recently joined the team after expressing an interest in environmentally conscious and sustainable building, something that Narayan realised was serious when he found Kyle helping one of the builders construct a wall!

Kyle's professional background is working with disabled children, so this is a new venture for him, but one that he is excited about. Kyle has done some voluntary work working on an organic farm, as well as learning about aquaponics.

Kyle says: "Being eco-friendly and responsible has always been important to me, and something I have always tried to be conscious of. It has always been of interest to me, and being offered the opportunity to get involved with a company like this and was like a dream come true! I am excited about the skills I will learn, and what we as a company can offer."


Chris Phillips, Web Support. From the UK, Chris has supported us after the earthquake with our website and will be helping us in the future with many of our projects. His background is in education, systems development, data management and charity coordination.