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Rammed Earth Solutions Major Projects Update

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Rammed Earth Solutions Major Projects Update

Kyle Mohamed

Here at Rammed Earth solutions we have had a very busy, productive, and fascinating year promoting and building rammed earth throughout the Kathmandu valley.

We have completed four major projects including two private houses in the Kathmandu valley and Acham hospital residential accommodation for doctors. These have been very successful with clients very happy with the work that was done and completed on time. Here is a picture of the hospital accommodation. 

This marks only the first phase of the hospital building work constructed in partnership with Subedi Associated JV. There are lots of things we love about what we have achieved together:

1. Environmentally Sustainability: We have used local materials to build the houses as much as possible. 

2. Design: Not only are the buildings interesting and beautiful to look at, but the design is functional for water harvesting. The roofs of the house collect water for household use and the plan is to store the water continuously for the future.

3. Thermal Regulation: The houses are designed to regulate their temperature during summer and winter. For example, on our last visit it was 44 degrees outside, but inside the house was much cooler. Everyone was hiding inside the houses away from the sun! 

4. Earthquake Resistant: The rammed earth technology we use is resistant to ground movement. We have used strong foundations, thick walls, and horizontal and vertical rebar support. All these combined with a single story design give the buildings excellent resilience.

We are continuing to work on this project for the second and third phases and are really excited to see it grow. This will include the rest of the hospital buildings constructed with similar design and features in mind.

The house that we have built in Godavari is a social project which was funded by charitable donations to rebuild a house damaged in the earthquake. Built on a beautiful sport overlooking Godavari forest reserve, the house blends with the natural colour of the earth that surrounds it. We are now just waiting on the electricity to be installed, and then our client will move in.


In Bakhundol our single story design is again an earthquake resistant building with unique triangular windows. The layout is fascinating with a living area in the main room and then a bunk bed sleeping arrangement above that was made possible by a tall design structure and our stable earth technology.

In Gorkha we have also finished a small earth bag house in partnership with Good Earth Nepal. This was also a charity project aimed at supporting those that have lost their houses in the earthquake. 

We are going to be working hard in the coming months on our current projects to deliver quality, sustainable, and earthquake resistant building construction across Nepal. We are also going to be working even harder to keep updating our website and provide information on the work we are doing.

Any questions? Send us an email, we'll get back to you soon and would love to hear from you.