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Latest Updates

Demonstrations, Earthbag Building, Meeting Others

Kyle Mohamed

This is our first update since the earthquake on the 25th April.

We have moved into another gear since the earthquake and have been meeting other organisations that are supporting the rebuilding effort, doing demonstrations at our project sites, and working hard on our first earthbag building in Goldunga.

Our earthbag building in Goldunga has made some solid progress and is now a working demonstration site. Narayan has been back and forth making sure construction happens quickly so we can start using the site to train others and take the technology throughout Nepal for rebuilding.

We have had demonstrations at our house in Godavari that have been well attended. During these we shared our methods and technologies by giving tours of our buildings and explaining finer details. People were impressed that there is virtually no damage to our house after the earthquake, just like our four other project sites.

We went to a planning meeting with various other organisations interested in rebuilding Nepal in sustainable and earthquake safe ways. It was great to network with everyone, make plans for the future, and share ideas on how best to move forward. Their name is the Himalayan Disaster Relief Fund. 

This week our main focus is to continue with the earthbag building at Goldunga while planning for earthbag and bamboo building demonstrations in Taukhel. 

We will be sending out more updates soon!