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Bamboo Buildings

Our experience in use of bamboo is to construct bamboo roof structures, which can be seen in our homes in Taukhel and at The British School. In our family home the upper storey of the building is constructed from bamboo attached to a wooden frame with bamboo roofing. Split bamboos form the structure of the walls and roof and whole bamboos form the main roof truss structure.

We use bamboo treated with a boric acid based treatment mixture to digest out edible sugars / starches in the bamboo leaving the structural fibres undamaged. This treated bamboo is lacking in nutrition for – and distasteful to - boring insects.

Bamboo is ideal for earthquake resistant construction because it is strong lightweight and very flexible. Our bamboo roof structure survived the 25 April 2015 7.8 M earthquake without any signs of damage.

An example of bamboo technology we used on our house in Godavari. 

An example of bamboo technology we used on our house in Godavari.